by Katerina Fanouraki

“The initial stimulus constituted the exploitation of Man from the Capital and the cliental relations in work environments. However I do not stand there. My objective are relations of any kind through lawful frames and written or informal conventions. Consequently, I refer to the personal relations and the sadist/masochistic behaviors of couples through the physical, psychological and verbal abuse. The male customer wears a black suit. The woman employee wears a white shirt. The white and black refers in counterbalancing forces that are necessary in order the contract to be signed from both contracting parts . They both consent through the imposition of physical, psychological and verbal abuse in the relation and they both accept it literally via the signature of contract duration the performance. At the same time however, the Sado-Masochistic Contract is ridiculed by the unexpected spectacle of the blood offer, by the strict and extreme observation of its terms. The eye of “Big Brother” is watching them, a CCTV camera.”